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Thank you for your interest in joining iCare's Provider Network!

Providers may request to join iCare's Provider Network by completing the application process explained below. iCare welcomes a variety of providers to join our Provider Network to assure the broadest choice of quality providers for iCare Members.

Application Instructions: All providers, including solo practitioners, group practices, and long term care providers, are required to complete the Provider Application to be considered for participation in iCare's Provider Network. In addition, if you are a behavioral health provider, complete the Behavioral Health Attachment. If you are a long term care provider, complete the Long Term Care Attachment. Please submit the Provider Application and all applicable attachments to or fax to Network Development (414) 272-5618.

What to Expect

After the complete Provider Application has been submitted, notification will be sent by e-mail indicating that the application has been received. Incomplete applications will be returned without review. The Network Development Team will then review the application against iCare's current Provider Network.

If iCare is not expanding the Provider Network for the submitted service area or category indicated on the application, a letter will be sent to notify the applicant. An application denial does not restrict a provider from applying again in the future.

If iCare is in need of the services being offered, the applicant will be contacted by iCare's Credentialing Department.

*Please note that submission of the Provider Application does not confirm your network participation status with iCare. Participation in the iCare Provider Network requires completion of credentialing and execution of a Service Agreement. Providers will be notified in writing after credentialing is completed and the contract is fully executed.


Independent Care Health Plan only credentials provider organizations and their affiliated providers after the Network Development Team has reviewed the Provider Application and decided to move forward with the contracting process. iCare's Credentialing Department will review your application and may contact you with additional information requests or questions. Credentials review occurs once every three years, or more often, as necessary.

For individual providers that iCare pursues a contract with as a solo practice, an application and return envelope will be mailed to you from Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative, iCare's contracted credentials verification organization.

Minimum Individual Provider Credentialing Criteria
  1. A current valid, unrestricted Wisconsin license or certification if licensure is not available
  2. Wisconsin Medicaid certification and Medicare Certification (if applicable)
  3. Current professional liability insurance adequately meeting minimum state requirements as defined by State of Wisconsin Statute and Administrative Code relating to practice of Medicine (See Wis. Stats. ยง655.23)
  4. Completed appropriate education and training for applied specialty
  5. Acceptable malpractice liability claims history
  6. Sanction-free status by federal and state regulatory authorities
  7. Lack of physical or mental impairment, including chemical dependency, that may impair the provider's ability to practice or may pose a risk of harm to patients

Additional Criteria For Physicians:
  1. A current valid unrestricted Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate, if applicable to profession
  2. Current unrestricted admitting privileges at an Independent Care participating hospital. If privileges are not present the Credentials Review Committee may consider a waiver following review of coverage arrangements. Provider must give written evidence of coverage by a participating Independent Care provider or facility
  3. Evidence of 24 hours per day, 7 day per week professional coverage arrangements

Contact Us

For questions about joining iCare's Provider Network or contracting, email the Network Development Team at:

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