Our Culture

Our Culture

Simply put, iCare's culture is rooted in our core values.

  • Inspire Wellbeing
  • Radiate Compassion
  • Brave New Solutions
  • Thrive Together

What do iCare employees say when asked what their favorite thing is about iCare?

  • "Everyone is so friendly and supportive. I have never experienced working in such a wonderful, comfortable and positive environment than iCare's."
  • "Coming from a large corporation, I now enjoy the close interaction between iCare employees. The contact allows us to make sound, caring business decisions that will benefit our members."
  • "My team is comprised of friendly, helpful, and compassionate professionals who have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome."
  • "When speaking with someone, I get the impression that people really want to be here and they are always trying to better serve our members."
  • "Everybody is somebody in this company!"
Modified: 2/21/2018

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